News Releases

  • 2014.12.12
  • 2014.09.01
    高端餐飲式微 小南國多品牌破局
  • 2014.08.01
    "Way Out of Catering's Winter: Dining-Table Is on Customers"
  • 2014.07.14
    Birth Story of "the dining room"
  • 2014.05.19
    Bowing without Watching the Road, the Strategy of Trapped High-End Catering Lags behind - Interview with Ms. Wang Huimin, Chairlady of Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Limited
  • 2014.05.08
    Xiao Nan Guo's "Catering Times"
  • 2014.04.15
    How to Resist Winter in Catering Kingdom
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