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Last modified on JANUARY 14, 2015

The ORENO XIAO NAN GUO INTERNATIONAL(HONG KONG)LIMITIED (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall fully recognize its public mission related to protection of all the personal information it handles and shall comply with laws and regulations concerning protection of rights of principal and personal information. Besides, the Company hereby declares that it shall take all reasonable and practicable measures to embody the following policies.

This privacy policy describes the information the Company collects through the services available on our Internet site located at [] and other websites the Company operated in China that link to this policy (collectively, the "Site"), through our program in China and the point of sale, reservation, register or other service related system in our restaurants in China, and how we use that information.

By using our services and viewing the Site and/or by providing any of your personal information to the Company, you are consenting to the information collection, use and disclosure practices described in this privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Updates

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. When we do so, we will post the new privacy policy on this page and change the date at the top of the policy. Therefore, we encourage you to check the date of our privacy policy whenever you visit the Site for any updates or changes.

What Type of Personal Information Does the Company Collect?

The Company collects personal information that is relevant to your consumption activities in our restaurants and Company’s provision of products, services and benefits to you.

Personal information that may be collected by the Company may include: Name, postal address, phone number, and e-mail address.

How Does the Company Use Personal Information?

The Company shall use personal information within the range of the following purposes of use when it is required to perform business activities. Changes in the purposes of use shall NOT be made without the personal information subjects’ prior consent.

1) Execution of work related to the use of the Company’s restaurants by customers;
2) Provision of information such as the Company’s restaurants, menus, various events and new businesses;
3) Disclosure required by PRC and Hong Kong laws and regulations, the PRC and Hong Kong government or effective judicial or arbitration decisions.
4) Submission of materials related to the Company and its business;
5) Execution of work related to recruitment;
6) Materials related to in-house research and studies.

Is My Personal Information Shared with Third Parties?

Except for the above purpose, we will keep confidential of its users, provided that the Company may share personal information to the extent necessary including franchise restaurants in the following cases:

1) Items of personal information to be shared
Address, name, phone number and email address
2) Companies to share information ORENO Xiao Nan Guo international (Hong Kong) Limited, TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited and its subsidiaries and persons who franchise agreement with TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited.
3) Purposes of use
* Handling inquiries to the Company group
* Execution of work related to the use of the Company group’s restaurants by customers
* Provision of information such as the Company’s restaurants, menus, various events and new businesses
* Materials related to research and studies in the group
How does the Company keep My Personal Information safe?
Concerning the risks such as leaking, and loss or damage of personal information, the Company shall take practicable steps which suit the current condition of its business to prevent them by taking reasonable safety measures and shall continuously improve the security system for personal information. In the case there is an issue, the Company shall promptly take corrective measures.

The Company shall draw out a compliance program for personal information protection (including this policy, rules for personal information protection and other rules) and keep the Company's employees and other related persons informed about the program to conduct, maintain and continuously improve the program.

In additional to keeping the information confidential, we will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that all personal information held by us will be stored in a secure and safe place. We will also train its staff to ensure that the established confidentiality codes are complied with.

Disclosure, correction, discontinued use and deletion of Personal Information Generally, personal information shall be deleted upon fulfilment of the purpose for which they were originally collected and used, or a directly related purpose.

You may request for a copy, alter or delete any of your personal information at any time.

The Company shall promptly deal with requests for disclosure, correction, discontinued use and deletion of personal information (limited to the “personal information the Company owns”) by the principal within a reasonable period and reasonable range. If you have any opinion or question about the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact our consultation service related to personal information.

Definitions As used in this Privacy Policy: "China" or "PRC" means People’s Republic of China, exclusive of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

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